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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How To Accelerate ECommerce SEO Results?

Many Online Marketers thinks that E-commerce SEO and SEO for other websites are different process or have some similarity. There are many posts also available on these topics and many authors successfully cleared the confusion related to this topic. Its true that for E-Commerce SEO, more efforts are required and strategy is also more focused and slight different than the normal SEO processes. Today i am going to focus on main factors which can really play an important role in improving E-Commerce SEO results.

For better E-Commerce SEO results few practices are very effective which are as follows:

  • Site Indexation

Proper site indexation is necessary so that crawler can crawl your website pages on regular basis. If website have crawl errors in large numbers, it shows that website has poor health and need improvement in this section. Proper site indexation become must when we talk about E-Commerce website or portal as E-Commerce website have numerous pages. Sitemap update is also necessary as sometime it happens that after removal of any product page from the website its URL remain in the existing sitemap which require updation so that crawler will crawl the useful links and existing urls without wasting time on removed urls. As eCommerce website have large number of urls hence chances of duplicate category urls is more which can be sorted out through search console URLs parameter where we can direct crawlers how and what to crawl. So this is useful and effective technique to have better crawling and Page indexation.

  • Main Menu Navigation

Main menu navigation is a regular practice in SEO process and it becomes more important in case of E-Commerce websites as there are no. of categories and products urls or pages which can be navigated directly by having proper main menu navigation. So proper main menu navigation is quite effective for better E-Commerce SEO results.

  • On-Page Copy For Category Pages

In-spite of having thousands product description for no. of products on an eCommerce website, having description of products category wise is a better, time saving, resource utilising in better and smart way practice. Big E-commerce brands like Walmart is using these smart practices and shown a way to marketers.

  • Product Schema

It is one of the very effective technique to highlight your products with detailed and additional information. With images it is eye catchy, and allows to be in top search results with all the important information showing at the same platform including name, price, availability etc. This practice is really doing well and helped alot to the online marketers to showcase their products in more effective way.

  • URL Structure

The best practice for URL structure is said that when you keep the products more close to the root folders. In longer URL, product name cant be seen clearly as google search results shows the results with limited characters hence by having proper URL structure we can show the product name to visitors through URL also. By using breadcrumb list schema, it can be done easily. It makes URLs more eye catching and give better appearance than normal long urls.

Hence by implementing above mentioned practices one can have better E-Commerce SEO results for his website or portal. Even i have used these practices and seen good output for one of my clients E-commerce portal where we gained better organic traffic and organic revenue as well. 

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