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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dos And Don'ts Of Social Media Marketing - Effective Social Media Marketing

In Online Marketing, Social Media have a strong presence and provide an ad on to the businesses looking for better performance and ROI for their enterprises. Now, these days almost every small and big enterprise has jumped In Social Media Marketing just because of reach and impact of these widely used platforms by a mass audience. With the wide use of these social media platforms, one must have to be well aware of important do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing to get the maximum benefit of these platforms. Here I am going to mention the most common social media mistakes brands make, as well as the tactics everyone should adopt.

The Do's in Social Media Marketing

  • Identify your customers
You must have to be alert while preparing your social media pages and tailor to your consumer base, not just on your own interests. It is bitter but a truth that consumers don't care about your choice or taste, they can get from you. The content which you share, how they can relate to. According to me, you must have to go with the practice that your content should be relevant to your viewers or visitors and less should be about your business, products or services.
  • Stay active but be in limit
You must have to be active to get maximum output from your efforts but don’t that much that you overwhelm or annoy people. Excess of anything is bad and hence can create problems in form of your followers stop following your posts or your posts can get lost within their newsfeeds and they won't see the content that could be really valuable to them.
  • Track the timing
Time always play an important role when you are posting the content. Go for experiments with the timing for posting your information and keep sharp eyes on the analytics. After having the details regarding your followers’ activity on social media, post during those time frames.
  • A message should be clear and one directional
Keep the message or note in one direction, clear or similar kind of message on whatever platform you are sharing website, public, social media, etc.
  • Share
Always keep sharing, there is no replacement of this activity and is quite effective. So share information!
  • Originality
Take time and create unique and innovative content before sharing on different channels. It will be the showcase of your personality, thinking. Show your visitors that how you are different than the others. You must have to stand out to achieve your goal to bring in customers.
  • Best customer service
The quality of customer service can make or break a company. If you have more number of happy customers with you then it is an asset for you as they are more likely to come back and establish a loyalty to your brand. They lay a great role in word-of-mouth advertising. That's the best advocacy you can ask for!
  • Must have the understanding of which social media platform(s) are best for your business
Don’t follow others while you are on the way of branding as different platforms have a different role for the different organization, product or services. So must have to do analysis and know that which platform can do well for your business and do proper utilization of that platform. Social media isn't one-size-fits-all. For improvement in your SEO, Google+ or YouTube might be the best choice. To drive traffic to a website or improvement in customer engagement, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc might be better options, according to Social Media Today.

The Don'ts (Must Avoid Practices) In Social Media Marketing
  • Avoid Own Post Like
You are sharing something on a platform, it means you like that stuff and hence no need to like again on that platform, just post that information and watch how people are taking it by their reaction. With the quality post, encourage your employees so that they can share and like the material that is posted.
  • Don’t Ignore Own Profile Appearance
Don’t take easy the appearance of profiles as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc profile pages with the detail information can do an amazing work in distributing information and create awareness among masses.
  • Avoid too much sharing
Don’t share too much information. Have the planning and checklist for posting activity as the timing and content is quite important to get maximum reach among the right audience.
  • Avoid Useless connection
To get more followers, no need to follow everyone. You must have to be choosy when you are going to follow someone or subscribe any page. You must have to think of how it will reflect on you. People also have the eyes on that with whom you are linked or following hence play an important role in making or breaking the image.
  • Don't Ignore Networking
Don avoid having good and right connections as it plays an important and key role when you are sharing any information in your network. You can grow your brand by networking and building quality relationships on social media.
  • Avoid Spamming
Spam is never been accepted by anyone. Hence avoid it completely whether it be via email or social media. Repeatedly sharing same information on all platforms swamping your followers, you risk becoming an irritant and could lose some of the loyal followers.
  • Don't miss comments
It is quite important to keep engage your customers. No engagement or late response reflects that you don't care about their question, comment or concern. It’s all about customer service. So keep eyes on relevant comments.
  • Never delete -ve comments
It’s not that you will always get positive comments, sometimes you also face negative feedbacks and you must have to accept them as well. So don’t delete such comments because it shows that you have mix users many are happy with your product or services while some are looking for improvement as well.
  • Don't depend on automation
Automated practices give a feeling that machine is talking and it creates a distance between you and your customer hence, humanize your brand to make the engagement practice for the customer more likable.


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