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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Thursday, 25 May 2017

How Twitter Is Useful In Business And Marketing?

Today the level of competition has reached to another level and is now using all possible platforms to promote, sale, marketing product and services. In increasing competition, social media platforms are playing an important role and a great support for small and medium size businesses. Now it’s an open fact that Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn etc are in tremendous use and doing well for branding, promotion and marketing for different kind of businesses.

Today in my post you will get the detailed information about use of quite useful and widely used social media platform, Twitter.
If twitter is a part of your social media marketing, then its fine, and if not then include it as soon as possible as it is quite effective and result oriented. With below information you will come to know that your business needs to get on twitter for better results.

Although through twitter you can send 140 characters long messages to people who subscribe to you or who follows you, hence Twitter is a short message communication tool. The messages can include a link to any web content may be blog post, website page, PDF document, etc. even a photograph or video. Adding an image even it worth a thousand words, to a tweet impressively expands what you can stake to afar the 140-character limit for tweets.

You have to be very active while using your twitter account for marketing and branding purpose. The activity includes making followers or subscribers for your account and also following other people. It helps in reading, replying to and easily sharing their tweets with your followers.

How Twitter is different than other Social Media Platforms?
Because of its usage and pattern, Twitter falls into the category of microblogging as it distributes short, disconnected messages. There are few other microblogging tools like Tumblr, FriendFeed, Plurk etc which are also in use.

Some of the features of Twitter are most common social media tools also available with Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest & Youtube however differences really define twitter.

For example:

For Facebook, a tweet is like a petite Facebook status updates while in case of Twitter, every post (tweet) reaches at every follower’s feed, contrasting the screening of Facebook’s EdgeRank.

Pinterest allows sharing of photographs and provides commentary in your post, while it is much easier to have conversation around a shared image in Twitter than with the comment feature on Pinterest.

For LinkedIn, a tweet is like a very short LinkedIn status update and is based on trust relationships, Twitter permits you to follow anyone, counting strangers. This is supportive when you target prospective customers.

In case of Google Plus, a tweet is like a short Google+ status update, while Twitter also allows you to organize people into lists that organize conversations similar to Google+ groups.

In case of YouTube, a tweet can contain a link to a video, while Twitter doesn’t allow you to create a channel or organize your videos for easy location and commentary.

So now it is clear that hoe Twitter is similar in some way to other social media channels and how it has some advantages over them. Below are few of the points which will show you to how you can use Twitter for your business.
·         Show Your Brand
·         Strong Foundation building
·         Follow People
·         Initiate Talking
·         Smart Conversations
·         Direct Traffic to Your Blog & Website
·         Online Presence Connectivity
·         Twitter on Mobile
·         Tweets including Photographs
·         Share Video to Your Twitter Timeline
·         Proper management of Followers Into Conversation Lists
·         With Hashtags, Expand Your Audience
·         Highlight Potential Local Customers

As these days Social Media platforms are quite effective and playing a crucial role in success of any business. So you just take care that you are not left behind in the success race, hence use all social media channels with full potential and enjoy the growth of your business.

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