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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Important Tips for Better Search Advertising

In this highly competitive era, it is very important to know the marketing efforts you are putting is good enough to stay ahead than your competitors or you need some aided value to gain trusted position in market in eyes of the buyers as well as competitors. As online marketing efforts are not limited to few platforms, it has covered almost all places where users have the reach. Therefore it is quite important to know your strengths and areas where you can do improvement for better results. On basis of few available data and deep analysis, I am going to mention few quick online marketing tips for better performance. It includes search advertising best practices to effective social media techniques; small businesses can use these tips to help consumers find them online.
Tips for Better Search Advertising
Text Ad Format
Different search engines have different text ad formats; you have to understand the rules for each platform before running your search ad.
Search Ad URL Optimization
You have the option to put the relevant URL along with the title for an ad. It must be relevant to the product or service you are promoting and that it doesn’t conflict with the publisher’s requirements.
Put Target Keywords in Your Ad
Proper positioning of keyword in headline as well as in text of ad copy which matches or are related to the keywords you bid in order to help your ad show up in search results for those terms.
Strong Call to Action Command
Always use a call to action button or tab or command so that when an user see your ad, he can take any action which you want like call, book now, order, coupon, so they are more willing to click through to your site.
Use of Call Tracking Number
When you are using call extension in your ad, must consider using a tracking number to identify the calls which helps in measuring the results of your search advertising.
No Business Name in the Ad’s Headline 
As there is limited character in headlines hence don’t waste it on your business name. In optimized URL, you can include your business name; use your headline for more critical content.
Capitalize The First Letter Of Title Words
It is one of the best text ad practices. Never use all caps for all letters of your title.
Include Proper Punctuation
Proper punctuation is mandatory in a text ad, but it can also be used within the rest of your ad to ask a question or make a point.
Don’t Use Trademarked Terms
Bid for those trademarked terms which are relevant to your ad, but using them which you don’t own can go against the publisher’s requirements.
Never Use Unknown Abbreviations
People are not aware of every short term, hence avoid uncommon abbreviations as it will go against you.

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