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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Thursday, 27 April 2017

How To Make Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing has become an instrumental part in introducing your company to new prospects without having loads of banner ads and spending a ton on advertising, forcing promotional messages etc on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Your interesting, informative content will be quite effective in making people happy to share it with their network, promoting your brand and connecting the company with quality content.

You have to jump with fully prepared content marketing efforts and should be free from fundamental issues. Content marketing efforts directly impact the ROI for your business as if your created content doesn’t attract any attention or add real value to anyone.
For effective content marketing strategy, few key areas must have to be considered:

  • Quality must be on priority

High quality posts gets considerably more shares on social media platforms and get attention from other industry people who take your company as an expert, thought leader or educator.
  • Care Your Prospects

To add value and for having successful flow with content marketing, you have to think like your prospect customers. What can be their queries; concerns etc that you can address on your website, through your blog, video content and in several other places.
  • Give Importance to SEO

With Content marketing one additional benefit is that it can combine with Social Media for exponentially spreading of your message with allow to be found on different search engines like Google, Bing etc.
  • Variation is important

Content marketing doesn’t mean lots of writing. Your creative writing and variety will help you stand out and differentiate you from your competitors in your industry.
  • Work for Social Foundation

Social media is the best platform to utilize your content sharing skills in target audience and relevant industry as content works like fuel which keeps the social media active as people share and re-share content they find or someone else has shared with them. Content can be shared on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many others.
  • Get Your Connections to Share

It is really bad that your blog has 0 or 1 shares inspite of having large network and strong social media presence. Whenever you produce the content share it with your connections and network and make sure that they are aware of the content and to encourage them to share it on accounts that they manage.
  • Join Content Marketing with Advertising Efforts

You can do specific promotion for some of your valuable contents to get more visitors for your post and create awareness among others. For this you can use Facebook or PPC ads.
  • Reaction Monitoring

You must check the no of shares, likes, comments for your shared contents. This is where social media monitoring comes in. With this you will have better idea that which content is working and which is not.
  • 9) Interact With People Who Share and Comment

With monitoring also try to engaging with people who responded to the content as it is very powerful way to spread your reach and make connection with potential prospects or industry stakeholders.

Content marketing is not just writing content, it’s more like sharing, engaging etc with people who echo with the content.


  1. Content is playing an important role hence proper strategy is also required to place them on best platforms. Its an informative post.

  2. Content marketing is very effective in online marketing. It has now on driving seat which shows the direction to our efforts. Good post!!!!

  3. Content marketing has become an umbrella term, one that bonds together five different disciplines – editorial, marketing, PR, SEO and social media – in order to focus on one long-term marketing strategy.