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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Win Win Situation With Guest Blogging - Your Way To Success

Guest Blogging is an activity which brings good traffic for the blog which is done by writing posts to appear on other’s blog. This can be done in two ways:
-Writing posts to appear someone else’s blog
-Someone else’s written post will appear on your blog

In the end of 2014 it was assumed that Guest blogging has lost its importance and value among readers but the fact is, it has never lost the significance and as content has become the king in the marketing world it has shown its presence in more powerful way.
There are many benefits associated with Guest blogging, out of which I am going to highlight few of them:
  • Provides Quality Traffic For Your Blog  

Its quite simple to understand that if you have your posts on high rating blogging platforms which has 4000 visitors/day on average then if your post is getting even 10% of the views then it gives approx 400 views per day. Most important thing is this that its not only the no, of visitors which you are getting through guest posting but the quality traffic as they are active on reputed platform. It is also good while we analyse bounce rate which is lower at such broad platforms.
  • Improves Search Engine Authority

As you are posting on reputed platform which after posting your post link will appear with the hosting platform also, which is an advantage for your post regarding domain as well as search engine authority.
  • Provides The Opportunity To Build Your Online Influence

Online influence here doesn’t means authority or expertise, I just want to highlight the impact of writing which connects readers and can impact their life as well. It should be effective and simple so that people can co relate themselves with your ideas and views.
  • Improve Your Authority

By regular posting on different guest posting platforms you will be able to make a place for yourself in this world where people will know your name and can recognize you as a impactful writer having presence at different platforms.
  • Allow Portfolio Building

By writing on different platforms as Guest Blogger, you add value for yourself and it helps in your professional career. Having presence on different guest posting sites as a expert writer improves your credibility and contribute in compilation of better looking portfolio.
  • Helps In Sharping Writing Skills

Guest blogging is an important activity which also shows you the mirror in way to see yourself that how good writing skills you have. When you write posts and share on platforms then you came to know that what is your writing standard or where you still need improvement. If its approved by the website owner where you are trying to post then fine otherwise you will came to know by their feedback that where it is lacking on submission parameters and hence can improve accordingly.
  • Brand Awareness

With guest blogging you can gain exposure for your blog as well. With quality postings you are showing your writing skills which indirectly attract people to know more and read such more informative content form you. You can also share information regarding any product, services which also create brand awareness among users for a particular product or firm.
  • Gives Subscriber Base

With guest posting you can have a good subscriber base as it allows people to get information whenever you post something new. With blog posting even I am getting 50 subscribers for my blog per day. It’s a good data and even can increase with more work and time.
  • Others Opinion About You

With guest posting always have open option for viewers comments so that you will be able to know what others have opinion and what they think about your posts or writing skills which will be very helpful in future writing.
  • Useful In Strong Social Media Presence

With visitors for your blog and posts, you already have the followers for yourself which directly coverts a as Facebook, twitter or any other social media platform when you join or initiate activity on them. It gives you ready-made follower base.


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