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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How You Can Increase Your Sales Through SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation is now not limited only to driving traffic and keyword ranking for your website. It has now taken a broader form and playing an important role in increasing sales for any business. It can be understood that when someone is looking for any information which can be of any kind like product details, service provider information, address, contact details etc means kind of research goes to search engine and place his query. Like if you want to buy or purchase any product then you go to search engine type the query regarding the product and in response most relevant results comes in front of you on the searched device. Then you go for full research and select that product or service provider who is most suitable and matching your requirement. Many of you also put the order at the same time at the same place which results in lead and conversion for that particular product or service providing firm. In this case it is quite clear that how well optimised and strategized SEO of that business website placed the website on top in search results and later which results in the goal achievement for that business. This is a very simple example to make you understand that how the practices which were earlier used for traffic and ranking are resulting in genuine leads and conversion for businesses.

As competition is very high in market and it has become very difficult to grow in throat cut competition even for the established firm because many competitors are coming in market with the same product and services on approx similar costing. Here well strategized SEO plays the key role as it helps in having the top position when any user search for the product or services you are offering. The better the website is optimised and promoted, better will be the ranking on SERP.

For better optimisation and promotion, I want to share 3 basic tips 

  • First and most important is keyword research, selection, optimisation & placement

You have to go with research work for such keywords which your prospect users often search. For this you can take help of Google's own tool Google keyword planner where you find all the suggestion with average monthly searches in target location. It allows you to have good set of targeted keywords for your business with which you want that users will get your website in search results. Now you have the keywords with which you can expect the potential buyers looking for your products or services.

  • Second step is to create proper strategy

Your strategy should be based on you goal like what kind of goal you are looking for. You have the set of keywords, now you need the landing page where you want the users to reach. One most important thing which has to be keep in mind that when you will prepare your landing page it should be very informative like in which industry you deal, what are your product or services and related information along with the enquiry form or call to action button where visitor can put his/her requirement. Mind it that that landing page is the face for your business so must have to be full of all necessary information.

  • Third and Final step is to do optimisation for the Conversion

This step includes the optimisation of the whole process since beginning that how it is going to result in conversions. Optimisation of the content which is available on landing page, call to action buttons, the pattern in which viewer will be able to see the website etc. Content here is crucial so must be of great impact for the users so that they will be convinced to place the order or query. For better optimisation we can put ourselves at place of users and can think in the way that as being an user what is my expectation and by going through that we can do much better in landing page, content and other information. Hence the best optimisation will be in the manner that an user should get all the information on the landing for which he has searched on search engines.

Hence you can use SEO services in quite effective way and increase sales for your business if it is well strategised and implemented. It will not only drive traffic for your business but most importantly leads to conversion for your business which is the ultimate goal of any business to gain maximum profit which is possible only if you have large no of genuine customers. In recent era it has been found that well optimised and ranked business website is doing much better than the other websites online.

For better performance and ROI for your business, go for SEO services and be in top results so that more traffic, visits, clicks and business come to you when people look for your product and services. 


  1. SEO is really boon for the businesses as it is not providing only the exposure to the business but also very comfortable, effective and cost effective medium.

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