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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Throat cut competition in market has forced the entrepreneurs and businessmen to look for different marketing and promotional tools to reach mass users so that they can do better than their competitors when it's matter of marketing, promotion and campaigning. Many options are available for such requirement but when its about organic and unpaid website/webpage or business promotion, Search engine optimisation comes on first spot when it comes to making a business entity discoverable. With traditional advertising many businesses and industries struggle to maintain a relevant online presence. There is difference between digital marketing approach and the traditional marketing approach and hence the result is also different.

How Utilising SEO Is Important for Any Business’ successful Online Strategy
In online marketing there are very few rules, but to follow SEO trends and rules is the most important thing. Most widely search engines like Google are programmed by people, meaning that, it has a defined set of rules that can be used to your advantage. For example, the more backlinks your websites will have, the more relevant you are in Google’s eyes and the more likely you are to be searchable by Google. In case your website is mentioned no. of times on social media, it’s going to give you a massive boost in Google’s search rankings because it increases your website value in webspace and is worth visiting.

To have a admirable reputation as a business, SEO is incredibly important. Getting started with search engine reputation management is rather simple. Online reputation speaks volume that how high your website is going to rank on search results, showing that you need a stellar online reputation if you want Google to consider you a reputable business. With feedback and ratings, maintaining a good reputation for the sake of better SEO could just be a case of being an honest business. When it comes to making your business attractive enough for Google to rate it highly, that reputation play a quite important role.

It has been observed that utilising proper SEO is difficult, but there are always trends and practices that will improve your chances of being searched. Its quite normal that every business dreams of being #1 in search results for their chosen industry, but its quite obvious that very few manage to accomplish that goal because of many misconceptions about how SEO works and also as they fail to adapt new trends. Let’s have a look at some recent SEO trends, and making it more understandable so that you can apply them to your business.

  • User Experience

When a terrible website is searched on search engines, gives a horrible experience, and hence quite natural to tell your friends to don't visit it and go for something else. it unfortunate that many websites on the internet are simply rubbish and they don’t stand on consumer expectations. Loading time is one of the major factors when it comes to good user experience. Your website's search ranking is going to plummet, If you aren’t careful about optimising your website for the viewers.

You can provide a fast and efficient way for users to access your business page by removing large images and making your website load as quickly as possible. It will make it far more attractive than slow-loading websites that rely on old technologies such as Flash. Less webpage loading time and more focus on content rather than pretty pictures and designs, will result in repeat visitors.

  • Personal Branding

One of the important but secret for SEO is Personal branding. Through this you’re going to get a lot of exposure when your clients and customers have a way to relate you and your business. You can take the example of Bill Gates - Microsoft or Steve Jobs  - Apple’s keynotes and public relations. By having a blog, social media accounts which you keep up to date along with a professional profile on different website such as LinkedIn, you get a lot of exposure and people see you as a public figure instead of just the owner of a business.

It results as a link between you and your business that people can relate to. You can promote your business brand on your own social media profile, results in more user interaction, more discussions and more exposure for your brand and improvement in search ranking. It is also easy to misuse and opportunities for this to backfire, but if done in proper way and promoting yourself as a personal brand as well as being related to your business, you’ll get a shared audience that will benefit you and your business as well.

  • Long-Form Quality Content

Quality content has always been an addition for SEO practices. Copying other people’s content never accepted well with Google. It results in low rankings to websites that do do content duplicacy and in some cases, Google blacklist websites that were stealing content. Being penalised by Google could potentially destroy your website because it no longer appear in the search rankings, resulting in fully unsearchable till someone links directly to it.

Here Long form original content comes into scene. In most of the cases the content which we see on internet focuses on short-form pieces that might be read before. The long form content which has been written written from scratch and hence shows complete personality of the author. It gives an original feel and distinguishing it from the rest of the content available on internet.

As being a Digital Marketer I know the importance of long form original content very well and hence suggest to avoid duplicate or repeated content, go for long form original content which will not only showacase your personality but boost your online marketing campaign, online reputation management as well. It raises the interest as people want the facts, they want opinions and they want a full post about something informative instead of being given a precis writing form content. 


  1. Now it is knowledge of everyone that SEO is the cost efficient and most effective way to promote any business online. I found your post very informative.

  2. The examples which you have given in the personal branding section have great impact and give a reason to accept the importance in marketing world. Great going !!!!