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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Monday, 10 April 2017

Benefits of Guest Blogging - Exposure, Credibility, Inbound Links, Social Media Growth, Networking

Content has become the king in marketing world as it has the most powerful impact on users/customers. Since last 4 years it has gained so much importance and hence demand for quality content is increasing day by day. Even the Google algorithms are also emphasis on fresh, unique content. It doesn’t mean that, simply placing unique and great content on your own blog going to maximize your online presence.

Guest blogging and posting on other websites is an effective way to gain a large no. of followers for your own social media accounts and websites, while also enhance credibility and networking opportunities.

The reason why I am saying this is, many online users visit the related blogs and the social media platforms to their industry regularly, and having the same author at multiple places reinforces the idea that this person has expertise in their field. And this is because of writing useful content, and that content is also being published on reputed and useful websites.
It is true that Guest blogging is usually time-consuming, but it pays off in spades, when it comes to building individual and company branding.

Following benefits are associated with Guest Blogging:

High quality content is very important as more readers are getting the majority of their top stories and useful information online instead of watching television news programs or going through newspapers.
In the ad world, companies know it well that a prospect buyer must be exposed to an ad multiple times before they begin tying positive feelings for the product or brand.
The same could be said for the online presence of a company and its individuals. Authors get more opportunities to craft a positive association in readers’ minds along with exposure on wide variety of websites.

Guest blogging on popular industry websites leads to greater opportunities that go afar writing posts for additional blogs and websites. They frequently lead to actual sales of products and services, speaking engagements, and increased website traffic for both the author and the publisher.

Inbound Links
Increased website traffic is one of the main reasons why many writers choose to begin guest blogging in the first place. Most websites allow writers to submit a bio and/or their social media profile URLs to be published at the end of the post. These links drive referral traffic and boost organic search rankings, resulting in better search visibility for the author’s website.
As the guest blog post provides inbound links, it’s important to provide only high-quality content. Link building is almost always worthwhile, as inbound links play the biggest role in the search engine ranking algorithm. In addition unique, valuable and great content gets traffic and stable engagement which helps in publishing content on regular basis at each publisher with whom you work.

Social Media Growth
As through guest blogging you get huge traffic for your website or blog, you also get good backlinks for the website/ blog. Even links to social media profiles helps in improving your visibility and online presence. When a reader likes your article, he/she’ll often follow you on Twitter or Google+ to see what other information you are publishing on different websites, including your own.
Good articles also gets shared through social media channels, leading to improved visibility for authors that are constantly writing and publishing quality content. This may include tweets, sharing, likes, following etc on different social channels. These shares will speed up the growth of your following in social media channels along with driving good traffic to your articles and your content to rank higher in search engine results pages.

Networking is one of the additional benefits with Guest blogging as it drives conversation on social media, the comment section of the post, and via email, which could lead to great networking opportunities or sales.

Hence, for more exposure, inbound links, credibility, social media exposure and networking opportunities, guest blogging is a worthwhile content marketing strategy. With dedication in writing great posts, you can have the benefits far outweigh the time investment.


  1. Content is really become a big player in campaigning and promotion. For content writers and bloggers, Guest blogging is quite useful.

  2. I am amazed with this descriptive post. If in coming post you can share few of the guest blogging sites, it will be a favour for us. Thanks!!

  3. Blogging has always remain an important content sharing activity which allow to share information among mass users. It brings traffic for the webpage or website or blog.