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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Friday, 4 December 2015

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization or keyword research is the process of researching, optimizing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive genuine traffic from search engines to your website.

Keyword search optimization is an important step in initial stages of SEM, for both inorganic and organic search. If proper attention is not paid at selecting your target keywords, all your ensuing efforts will be in unproductive. So it’s vital to get keyword optimization right.

Optimizing keywords isn't something you do only at the beginning of a search marketing campaign. Ongoing keyword research/optimization is essential to keep uncovering new keyword opportunities and to expand your reach into different keyword verticals. So keyword analysis isn't a set it and forget it process. By continuously performing keyword study and expanding your database of keywords, your website traffic, leads and sales will continue to grow.

Benefits of Keyword Optimization
In recent study it has came out that keyword optimization is one of the hardest tasks in search engine marketing. Most of the site owners, marketers, bloggers don't spend enough time on optimizing keywords because of its difficult nature. This is sardonic since optimizing keywords is the most vital aspect of SEO and PPC. If you don't choose and use keywords/queries your customers are searching for, you won't get found. That means no visitor, no conversion, no goal achievement.

So to look at the big picture, you must practice search engine keyword optimization to:
Drive qualified traffic to your site: To drive searchers to your site, you must optimize for the keywords they're searching for
Measure traffic impending: Analyzing the status of keywords helps you gauge the size of a potential online market.
Write valuable content: By incorporating analyzed keywords into your website content, you can connect instantly with potential customers and address their needs.

Understand user behavior: By analyzing the words that your customers use, you get an idea of their needs and how to service those needs.