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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Benefits of Getting Guest Posts from High Authority Blogs

Blogging and content marketing is one of the best ways to build a successful business, online
and offline. As on web, you got chance to get engaged new customers, new market. And if you
got something within you, you will necessarily be flourished.
To get to the top of the SERP, you need to optimize your content accordingly Google.
Because, whatever you have on your blog, if you are not optimizing the content what Google
Likes, you would get nothing.
And Good backlinks are one of the favorite signals which Google likes and own. Google's Matt
Cutts also confirmed, link building is the number one ranking factor, so if you want to be on the
top of the Google Searches, you need to have a good Link profile.
You need to have a written strategy, from where and how you are going to get backlinks, and
all the sites should be good enough to give you some referral traffic.
If you are successful to get backlinks from high authority sites, you can get following benefits.

Quality Traffic:
The number one benefits, surely you will get if you have a backlink from high authority website,
"Quality traffic".
But, should be careful while having backlinks, it should be coming from the niche related sites.
Be careful while making backlinks, as Google does not like irrelevant niche backlinks, and
sometimes, if you do spam the site by dropping the link, you might get penalized yourself.
I have been writing many guest posts on many blogs, and my posts have been publishing on
some very good blogs, what I mostly get from there, niche related and targeted traffic.
This is not all about traffic; it is about filtered traffic, niche related and quality traffic.

Build domain authority:
Another major benefit, what I witness through years by having quality backlinks, "domain
And if you had made it possible to get a good backlink from authority blog, you would boost the
Google's trust in you. As an authority blog pointing your blog trusted, and Google works on
links algorithm like mentioned in Link Scheme, you also get the link juice to be on the top of the
Once you had increased the domain authority and trust, your all posts start getting higher

It helps to develop authority:
In an online world, no one really knows each other. And as a newbie, you have to spent years to
get to the top of the searches to build the authority and brand.
But, if you have started creating backlinks, on authority blogs using guest posts, within months
you will be recognized as a brand.
But, What I mentioned all the time on my posts, you need to put values in the lives of the
readers. You need to solve the real issues, instead of bushing around.
If you could hit the nail right on the head, you will build your trust and people directly move to
your blog, if needed to find something related to your niche.

Increase exposure:
The one of the best advantage of having backlinks from authority blogs, that you get exposure
and brand appreciations. After getting quality backlink check website authority, you will see a
significant change in authority within few months.
By reading your content, on some other blogs, some informative and good blogs, you get
chance to impress the audience of some other blogs.
For example, if you get a link from web pages which searched by 5000 people. I am not saying
all of them would visit your blog. But, at least 5000 people get to know about you. That is the
real soul of the digital marketing, and most of the time, at least some hundreds necessarily
visits you.

Test your skills:
There are another side and story, put it aside, the benefits of getting backlinks from high
authority website.
It tests your skills; there was the time when I use to write many blogs guest post. And most of
the time, I got appreciated by them.
Suddenly, I decided to contact with a much known website, almost touches the millions of
views in a month.
When I submitted my post, what I got from there "We do not know whether the posts are good
or bad, but we are not able to read this".
In that way I come to know, there were loopholes in my writing and narrating the story.
I did point that mistakes and started to wash them out, and most of them I had covered up till
The guests blogs make you're ready for the bigger purpose, the bigger industry to compete with
and to make you ready to battle with those big giants.

It builds subscribers
Aside from getting traffic from guest posts, you can have far more subscriber in a day, what you
could gain in months.
That is the great benefits, you are being favorite the related people of your niche and this is a
good thing, and they look upon you to do something.
I wrote a guest post on a high authority website, I read all the comments of that blog, and filters
the questions, and targeted those people with my blog posts which were not satisfied from
previous posts.
In that way, I made good subscribers in a single day, what I use to get in months.

It builds social media presence
Most of the guest bloggers do not realize this, but most of the followers they got on Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, are just came from the guest posts.
When you read a very good post, and you are impressed by the way the writer narrates the
whole story, you would want to follow that person on Social media.


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