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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Impact of Off Page Optimization Techniques in SEO

As a smart blogger and digital marketers, we do start ranking a website from on page SEO. The thing is we do not stop there- after that the next step comes, off-page SEO.

Most of us think Off-page SEO is just about the links, no, it is deeper than that. Though, it starts with having a links from websites to your blog- but it goes deeper and more complex than this.

What is Off-page SEO?
Off-page SEO is a technique to get traffic to your blog, or ranking your website in Search engines results, and it is performed or done outside of the blog. There is no specific thing, which can make these changes; there are lots of techniques for doing Off-page SEO.
In simple words

"Off-page SEO is all about what other websites or blog thinks about you- more authority blogs pointing to your pages, more trust you will get"

If you got valuable links, which points you out as a trusted blog or trusted business website, Google will index your pages as authority pages. You can say, trusted links are Good words of mouth, and it is not different than an offline business.  Solutions for ON-page SEO are very easy, you can check seo score of your website by any online tool. But for Off-page SEO you have to be very careful.

If you have a restaurant, and you never compromise on taste and quality of the services, you will start getting positive word of mouth. And if some friends of yours ask you to tell him about any Good restaurant in specific area or town you will simply refer that specific restaurant. Google also gather trust in that way and rank websites accordingly their trust, content, and links.

Link building
Links have been and will be one of the most important factors to rank a website. If you had created a very good content and also got expertise regarding the niche, but do not have good backlinks pointing to your blog, you are not going to rank for that keyword.

It is difficult for Google Crawlers to rank a webpage or website that does not have any backlink. It does not matter how useful, fresh, unique and good content is that.

Optimized internal pages can make a huge difference in your ranking.

The number of the internal links on a blog shows the importance of the related pages on that blog. You should put great importance on Silo pages, and never forget to point out the home pages in your posts. As when you send a link to home page, the link juice flows from Silo page to categories to supporting pages and posts.

In search engine optimization, Internal linking is often overlooked, and most of the guys do not take it a serious tactic to rank a website. Must read about the silo pages or silo structure of the website, and get to know how the internal links to your website should be. But, do not make the mistakes which most of the newbies do- stuffing the posts with internal linking. It is considered over optimizing, you could get penalty by doing this, as it makes the text difficult to read.

Different methods of Link building:
All available backlinks are not perfect for you, it would be better for you to have links from high authority websites than making backlinks from the low-quality website.

Directory submission:
Getting backlinks from high-quality directories is not an easy job- you need to spend the time to build trust on there. You know the directories sniff out the person who just came out to get a backlink. Search for the trusted directories, submit your website in there, and actively participate in the discussion there regarding your niche. You need to create a trusted profile there. You should try to get backlinks from high authority directories, like Moz, Yahoo Directory etc.

Article submission:
The method is pretty similar to the directory submission- and you should know most of the article submission directories only accept the unique and appealing content.

But, what I found now, Google had de-indexed the websites which were accepting articles just to provide the backlinks. You should get to know either the article submission directory had de-indexed by the Google or not.

 If you are successful to submit the article on the article submission directories, you can have more than one benefit from these. You will get a backlink, you will get trust and the icing on the cake, and you will get traffic.

Guest posting:
For most of the bloggers, this technique is the best technique to have a backlink.

Fresh and unique content with proper research is the most important to be accepted by the Big websites. You only can have guest posts, if you could provide the content which really can help the users of that blog. No one want to space to the other blogger of the same niche, you need to make your space by giving mind-blowing content which can hit the nail right on the head.

If you can create great content, you should submit your posts on some other blogs. If your blog is new, and you want to get a high-quality backlink, sometimes, you have to pay for it. Always chose those websites for guest post which has high website authority and Moz Rank (Check Moz rank tool by PPS). Because one backlink form high ranked page can give you boost in ranking.

Cross linking is also a good way to get good ranking and to create a good link profile. But, it should not be only for the links, if you and your friends have blogs of the same niche. You both can put the links of each other, in this way, you would get better exposure, and good traffic.

But keep in mind too much of backlinks can harm your ranking, and Google can put a penalty on you to create any more link or can de-index your blog completely.

Importance of Off-page SEO
  • ·       Search engines Optimization for Off-page can be a scary thing, especially when you do not know what steps to take to rank your content on Google top pages. But, if you had a basic understanding of how the Off-page works, you can boost your ranking within some months.
  • ·       As I said, whatever you had done to your blog, if you do not have good links pointing to your blog, you will get nothing. So, if you have some good backlinks, you will start getting higher in search results hence will generate a good amount of traffic.
  • ·       Have close eyes on your links- regularly monitor your backlinks and check either the links have been removed or not.
  • ·       You should monitor the backlinks- as someone (your competitor) also can link your blog to a porn website to devastate your blog ranking.

If you find some of the bad backlinks must disavow them, as backlinks are the factors which can make you top of the ranking or can send you out of the pictures.


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