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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Success - How One Defines Success

Success, this word has different definition for different individuals. For me success is not a destination, it's a journey which goes through lots of ups and downs. Many things comes in different modes, may be they are people, situations, circumstances, hurdles etc which combine contribute to make a successful journey. For me this 7 character word says many things which can be understood in different ways. What I understand is:
S - Self Introspection
U - Undertake Plans
C - Check Readiness
C - Create Opportunities
E - Eagerness
S - Seek and give help
S - Stay Positive

Although above are not the points only it's all the formula to become successful.
Each individual have different opinions based on their personal experience to define success and they are correct in their own way. It has different definitions and different perception of being successful. For some earning lot of money is Success, for some having a good job is success, for some living luxurious life is success; so the many stories we go through and people we ask, they responds in different way. Every individual have some dreams which he/she wants to achieve in his/her life which he feels that is success.

For me those are achievements. Having good career, good love life, good status in society; these are individually achievements or small landmarks one has achieved during his journey of life. I believe it's all part of success where by going through all the good and bad experiences, meeting different people who might be having great impact in your journey, facing all typical situations, after years of struggle you are at that kind of position from where you can analyse your journey and can see and feel your achievements and can understand better how was your journey which is still on.

When we are talking about success, one famous proverb is associated with this that successful people have many fathers but failures are orphan. In practical world it means a lot. If we will go to the actual context then it says all and also focus that why everybody is thinking about this 7 character word and running behind every possible opportunity to use them and move on the path of success.

So it's still to understand that for an individual what is the definition of success; Is it wealth? Is it happiness? Or anything else?

Few of the definitions which you may find when you research about this, whether yourself or through others:-
-Some says it's the fact of getting or achieving wealth respect or fame.
-The correct or desired result of an attempt.
-Someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds.

For me it's something which can't be calculated and judged, it can only be felt. If you are doing well in personal and professional life, having good balance in both, holding good position, having good career, earned money and respect both, feel happy in others happiness, enjoying every moment of life; YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Nishant_Raj/2387391


  1. Bravo !!!!! Wonderful post, I have gone through many post but find this one amazing. Thumbs Up!!

  2. For me success is not a destination, its a journey. I like this kind of posts which not only share ideas but also shows the attitude. Good work.

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