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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Sunday, 17 January 2016

5 Mistakes – An Entrepreneur Must Avoid

Being your own boss seems in different world and gives a different feeling.  There are so many things have to be considered while on track of being a successful entrepreneur. Many people gives importance to Do rather than Don’t.  To become a successful entrepreneur one must have to take care of Don’t. Some activities must be avoided.

Without realizing harms, many young entrepreneurs reduce their chances of growing a successful business. They do exactly opposite of what they have to do for the welfare of the business.

  • ·         Don’t think about others what they are thinking about you- Get ot there and sell!

At 20; It actually happens that people worry about what other think of them; at 40, they decide they don’t care what other think of them; at 60, they learn that no one was actually thinking of them; its been a guiding light for them.

  • ·         Don’t repeat your mistakes

Sine it’s difficult to start a business by doing just one thing, entrepreneurs should svoi the tra of consecutively producing, marketing and selling. It is must for them to do all three at the same time. Thinking a chronological order is prohibitive for growth.

  • ·         Don’t hire similar Skill-set person

If you are good in QA you should not focus on hiring the same profile person, instead go for good salesperson that has a different skill set and can pick up some of your slack. You may not have the most in common with that person but then again building a business is not about getting along with all.

  • ·         Don’t be in hurry

It’s a common misconception that entrepreneurs should scale their companies quickly in order to slay afloat. Selling products should be the no.1 priority for new entrepreneurs. Scaling will then come at natural place.

  • ·         Don’t focus on ‘Slice’

It’s common that self-starters believe their target priority is 1% of a Global sector, it is important for them to estimate their own scales rather than a slice of a total market. Ditching top-down math for a bottom-up calculation is a key component on the road to business success.  

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